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Bruce Ellemo

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My Own Personal Journey

A two minute video message from Bruce Ellemo.


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Things I Wish My Parents Taught Me

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  • Bruce is a very knowledgable and creative leader. He not only makes great first impressions but he continues to build long lasting relationships with people and brings out the best in them. Bruce is a very motivated individual and at the same time he has influence to motivate others and achieve success.

    Greg Chan - Vice President, MG Webcom
  • Bruce's wit, compassion and concern for our organization, as well as his product, says a lot about who he is and not just what he does. I'd trust him without any hesitation, and it's just a privilege to have a relationship with one of the best in the commercial finance industry.

    Rick Grevatt - Senior Operations Executive
  • Bruce has provided a type of leadership to our customers that is valuable to our bottom line sales. He continues to influence and inspire all those he comes in contact with. Not only a true professional, he is a gentleman. I highly recommend this man if you want your business to improve.

    Avi Malki - General Manager, Cool King Refrigeration
  • Bruce is a difference maker; a true leader of people. The passion he has for his company's success and the success of people that report to him creates such a force of energy and loyalty that people will do whatever the task required to reach the goals set forth. It is a remarkable atmosphere to be around.

    Rob Rooksby - Manager, Anytime Fitness
  • Bruce has risen to every challenge with a positive attitude and relentless drive to present the best solution for our mutual clients. He has been a wonderful asset to my business.

    Dan Eriksson - VP Business Development and Commercial Sales, Western Canada Fitness Town Commercial
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Things that matter to Bruce

Bruce Ellemo discusses his ideas for success and happiness.


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I'll help you create the world you really want and deserve.